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2022 - 2023

In this series, I sneak into condemned houses just before they are demolished, and invite women residing in the area to be photographed in these deserted spaces.

Through photography, I examine the empty houses, which were filled with life just moments before and still reverberate with memories. The women in the photographs integrate into the deserted space – they are strong, present and look towards my lens with conviction that contradicts the chaos and destruction.

In this series, I wonder about my relevance in the world. As I approach the age of 50, I constantly think about the destruction of what exists and its replacement with newer, better things. I try to search for meaning in a place where people don't anymore. I want to validate these places, make them come alive and show their beauty and value.
This series is about my femininity, wrinkles, aging skin, physical ailments, and growing fatigue.

Together with women who project femininity, strength and power, inside an island of loneliness, I gaze at you and ask – what about me?


In light of the events of 10/7/23, this series opens itself up to yet another interpretation. The demolished spaces, and the women who direct their piercing gaze at us, may evoke questions that correspond with the terrible tragedy of October 7th. 

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